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Based on the research of Angela Duckworth.  The only tool for success that you can learn is GRIT.

Grit is passion and perseverance.  Having stamina.  Sticking with your future for years.  Working really hard to make that future a reality.  Living life like a marathon, not a sprint.  The ability to learn can change with effort. Adding challenges to your life can help you persevere when you fail.  And be willing to fail, but learn from those lessons.   (Angela Duckworth)

And taking it a step further… a truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others.  (Otto von Bismarck)

So learn from each other.  And let us help you find each other. And bring you opportunities for growth and success.

Technology is beautiful.  It allows us to scale leadership development for all women.  Here, we have a platform to share with you that

  1. allows you to meet 5 people most relevant to what you need.
  2. a wealth of advice and support.
  3. OPPORTUNITIES.  We want to share ways for you to get ahead.

What is GGGrit?

GGGrit is an algorithmic, networking platform that enables women to connect, learn and grow their career capital.

Who uses GGGrit?

GGGrit’s customers are organizations and companies that are serious about using science and technology to scale women’s leadership in the workplace.

How does GGGrit work?

Similar to online dating, GGGrit’s platform matches users based on demographic, occupational and psychographic information, helping to scientifically curate peer groups and offer personalized career development resources.

The platform enables users so connect with each other and career experts, learn using online curriculum and accessing affordable career coaching, and grow a personalized career advisory board.

Why is GGGrit different than other professional networks?

GGGrit works behind the scenes. Companies and organizations use our platform to help scale career development programs and create private, curated networks. GGGrit’s proprietary algorithm assesses your strengths, interests, and goals and then matches you with the best people in the network to help you achieve your goals.


Our mission at GGGrit is to empower women everywhere to take control of developing their career capital – the soft skills that are at the core of success at work. In life. At any age or life stage.


Learn through action
Design and create with, not alone
Build experiences, not things
Measure and improve
Connect and share globally